The Mullock Arts Scholarship

Beatrice_Quinton___Recipient_of_the_Mullock_Arts_ScholarshipDavid and Robyn Mullock [OE Woodard '57] felt very strongly about The Arts and created the Mullock Scholarship which supports a student with a particular talent in music through their Sixth Form education. This not only makes a huge difference to the student concerned but also enables the College to recruit exceptionally able students into its Gifted and Talented Programme.

The Mullock Arts Scholarship 2011 - 2013

The first recipient on the Mullock Arts Scholarship was Nia Squirrell. Nia was an all round achiever with a particular talent in playing the violin. Nia was a strong member of the CCF and the College choir and orchestra. Nia has gone on to study music at Cardiff university. David and Robyn visit Nia regularly and watch her perform in concerts in Cardiff whenever they can.

The Mullock Arts Scholarship 2013 - 2015

Beatrice Quinton was presented with the Mullock Arts Scholarship by Robyn and David Mullock in 2013. Beatrice is a talented musician, who sings and plays several musical instruments to an exceptionally high standard. Her ambition is to study music at Oxbridge.