Nigel Simpson (Meynell 1956 - 1964)

After an overseas international banking career with Bank of London & South America (latterly Lloyds TSB Bank plc) spanning 36 uninterrupted years working as an expatriate in numerous locations (some exotic, others less so!) throughout North, Central and South America, plus the Caribbean, culminating with 10 years based in Geneva, Switzerland heading up the world-wide International Private Banking activities of Lloyds in the capacity of Senior General Manager, Nigel took early retirement at the end of 2000. Almost immediately thereafter he assumed the Chief Executive position for Standard Bank Offshore Group, headquartered in St. Helier overseeing operations in Jersey, Isle of Man and Mauritius. In 2004, With half an eye on (eventual!) retirement, he relinquished the day to day general management responsibilities and took on the role of Deputy Group Chairman - a position he currently still holds.

Following so many years of a globe-trotting lifestyle, Nigel & Jocelyn (his wife of 42 years -met and married in Medellin, Colombia!) have decided once and for all to throw the suitcases away and have chosen Jersey as the ideal location to stay put for settling into eventual retirement. With two married daughters Julia, born in El Salvador, and Claire, born in the Bahamas, plus five granddaughters living reasonably close by in Dorset and Surrey, all available leisure time is well occupied by family visits, golf, skiing, bridge and, dare it be said, enjoyment of Jersey' excellent restaurant facilities!

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