Marcus Mohr (Talbot 2001-2006)

When Marcus left Ellesmere College in 2006 he had just become interested in golf having been given his first set of clubs when he was 15. He began working at Portal Golf course in Tarporley as a trainee green keeper. Within 12 months of leaving school, and his golf having improved, he decided he wanted to become a professional golfer. This meant he had to leave that employment and began working at a golf course near Chester as a trainee golf pro.

Within a short space of time, Marcus' golf had improved to the extent that he knew that he wanted to be a playing professional golfer and his ambition was to play on The European Tour. He continued playing amateur golf throughout the UK and progressed to be an elite amateur golfer. Among his most proudest of achievements at this time were playing for Cheshire County for three years, winning the Royal St Georges Gold Challenge Cup (that got Marcus' name on the same board in the club house as Jack Nicklaus) and he had 19 top 10 finishes in amateur competitions.

Marcus turned pro in 2016 and qualified to play on The Alps Tour which is played all over Europe, in Egypt and one competition is held in the Caribbean. The top 5 in the 'Order of Merit' from this tour gain a full category on The Challenge Tour. In 2018 Marcus had 6 top 10 finishes including a victory in June 2018 in the Caribbean at the Open de Saint Francoise of Guadeloupe and a second place finish at the Obidos Intl. Open in Portugal. His stroke average for that season was 69.8 and he finished in the top 5, which meant he gained his playing rights to the Challenge Tour for 2019. Marcus has got through to Final Open, qualifying 4 times up to now either by qualifying at first stage or exemption via World Ranking.

As Marcus did not get into the top 50 Challenge Tour Order on Merit, he will be playing The Alps Tour in 2020 as he still has full exemption from his achievements in 2018.

Some people say starting late as a pro is a disadvantage - but Marcus doesn't see it that way. For him it was an advantage because he had to find a way to work harder and play smarter to catch the players ahead of him. Finding this formula for success has served him well on the tour and is evident in his steep progression to the Challenge Tour after just two seasons.

As the prize money is not lucrative on the second and third tiers of golf, to fund it Marcus also has to work. During the winter months he takes on any employment he can. This has included labouring, working in retail shops, night clubs, looking after dogs at home and caring for an autistic adult. In addition to this, in 2019 he set up a shares programme which was an inside the "ropes" look at life on tour.

Going forward, Marcus is focusing on promoting his social media, if you'd like to follow him you can do so searching @marcusmohrgolf on Twitter, YouTube and Instagram.

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