Majid Farzanehfar (Lambart 1970 - 1975)

Majid left Ellesmere in 1975 and went to study Architecture at the Architectural Association School of Architecture in London where he graduated with a Masters (Honours) degree.

After graduating, Majid moved to Los Angeles where he immediately started his career with Fulks Architects and he soon became a partner. In 1987, Majid created his own company, Majid Farzanefar Design where he worked on 56 custom residential, commercial, cultural and office buildings. He decided to move back home to Tehran in 1994 and continued with the success of his business.

Majid's company in Tehran, Hedayat Parvaneh Tech, was founded to try and upgrade the architecture of 'otherwise modern' Iran. With an impressive portfolio of projects, Majid's company is going from strength to strength.

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