Lt Col Nick Lock OBE MA Royal Welsh (Lambart 1979-1984)

Nick Lock left Ellesmere in 1984 to study History and Archaeology at Bangor University. Whilst at Bangor he joined the Territorial Army and met his future wife, Sarah. In 1989 he joined the 1st Battalion, The Royal Welch Fusiliers. Tours of duty followed in Northern Ireland, Berlin (where he was the Battalion duty officer the night the Berlin Wall fell), New Zealand, Norway and England. He was Operations Officer for the Battalion’s United Nations tour of duty in Bosnia in 1995 where it fought prolonged engagements with the Bosnian Serb Army in the eastern enclave of Gorazde.

Following a number of staff jobs he returned to the 1st Battalion as a Company Commander in 2002. During his command his Company exercised in Canada, fought fires in London during the fire strikes and deployed on operations to Iraq in 2004 during the Al-Sadr uprisings. Moving to Germany for a three-year tour of duty in 2005, he deployed on an operational tour in Kabul, Afghanistan. He assumed command of the 1st Battalion, The Royal Welsh, (The Royal Welch Fusiliers) based at the Dale Barracks Chester, in August 2008. The Battalion deployed to Helmand Provence in December 2009 as the Aviation Assault Battlegroup where, commanding a Combined Force of Afghan, French and Estonian forces, it was the principle force element for Operation MOSHTARAK, the largest Aviation Assault Operation since the first Gulf War.

On its return from Afghanistan Her Majesty The Queen presented Campaign Medals to the Battalion at Chester Racecourse. Nick has been married to Sarah for eighteen years and they have one son, Jack who is eleven.

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