Kevin Dyas (Meynell 1977-1982)

Kevin is a consultant and entrepreneur working in the Water Treatment Industry. Since graduating in Chemistry from University of Manchester in 1986, Kevin has spent most of his career solving water quality problems in many markets including automotive, healthcare and education. His innovative approach to problem solving has lead to the creation of several companies who design, build and deliver products and services to these markets.

He is an advisor to a number of NHS hospitals. In 2012 Kevin was selected as the lead water quality consultant for the Olympic Games Athlete's Village, a project which helped him develop a new app for tap flushing! He also claims that a patent he authored for hospital decontamination had its roots in his O level Chemistry note book from 1978, copied straight from the blackboard of David Walker.

In his spare time Kevin enjoys being a groom to his daughter's horses, eating curry and attempting to pass his A level Maths.

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