Kenichi Kikuchi (Wakeman 1985-1990)

After leaving Ellesmere in 1990, Kenichi went back to Japan and took a degree on international politics at university, then went on to an enterprise research firm as surveyor for some 10 years.

In 2001, Kenichi took a degree at University of Sydney (Australia) on teaching Japanese as a second language as well as ethnic studies by taking a special lecture course from UNHCR. He is now teaching and supporting non-Japanese residents just outside Tokyo, especially 2nd and 3rd generations of refugees from Vietnam and Cambodia evacuated to Japan in late 1970’s, as well as looking after their children. This skill is based on former lessons as he had Extra English during his college days and had been so inspired on how the college looks after those students from overseas in both a physical and mental point of view.

Kenichi is currently based on the outskirts of Tokyo, not far from Yokohama, but he frequently spends several months teaching at language schools in Ho Chi Minh City, Phnom Penh and Manila.

He is still in touch with many College colleagues through the web and is looking forward to visiting them once in every year. Kenichi is proud to wear the school colours from his former housemaster Philip Wood, school prefect tie from Mrs Anne Knowles and cufflinks on a special occasion. (They are all in perfect condition even after 20 years!)

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