Alex Lovén (Wakeman-Lambart 1999-2004)

Alex left Ellesmere back in 2004 and went on to create Net World Sports, a multi-million pound sports supplies business based in Wrexham. The 'business' started here at College - Having bought a cricket bat online for £60 Alex emailed the manufacturers and asked how much it cost to make. They replied saying £6, so he bought 10 directly and began selling them to friends and teachers. A couple of years later, 17-year-old Alex began working seven days a week at a builder's merchants and had soon saved up £13,000. Eager to start selling, he ordered an entire container of sports nets and the risk paid off. By this point Alex was working 24 hours a day aided by his father's support with packaging. In 2009 Net World Sports became a limited company and the rest, they say, is history… Alex's business is now a leading international sports equipment provider with over 5,000 product lines which they sell to customers in more than 100 countries across the world. The company has grown rapidly in a relatively short space of time winning Alex a vast array of national and international business awards.

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