External Relations Office

"To foster in all those who care about Ellesmere College, a lifelong interest in sustaining its principles and securing its future."

The Development Office was established in the autumn of 2009 to assist the College in achieving its 20 year development plan and help secure its long term future. It is the administrative hub for the College's communication with past students as well as developing relationships with current and past parents, retired staff and the local community. In September 2012 the office was further extended to become The Office of External Relations, overseeing Marketing, Development and Admissions for Ellesmere.

The College was founded by the visionary philanthropist, Nathaniel Woodard in 1884, and has always grown and developed through the same generous giving of others. By encouraging an atmosphere of philanthropic generosity we seek to fund bursaries for able children and enhance the School's facilities so as to further extend the influence of Ellesmere College, both nationally and internationally.

The Office of External Relations will send Old Ellesmerians the College Newsletter each term so please make sure that your contact details are kept up to date by emailing externalrelations@ellesmere.com

You can also stay in touch with your friends from Ellesmere by joining Ellesmere Connect