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If your enquiry is in relation to an event being organised by The Old Ellesmerian Club or is in regards to trying to make contact with a contemporary then please contact:

The college is required to comply with data protection legislation and will not simply pass on personal details to third parties. Once your enquiry has been received you will be advised as to how the college can help you.

If your enquiry is in relation to the history of the college, the achievements of a particular individual or a genealogical enquiry then please make contact with:

Such enquiries can necessitate a great deal of research and this work is done on an entirely voluntary basis. No charge is made for the research if the information uncovered can be forwarded electronically.

Whilst the initial enquiry will be promptly acknowledged, no time frame can be given as to how long the research will take and no undertaking is given that the information eventually supplied is complete. Please understand that, especially with enquiries from the early days of the college, it is very difficult to determine exactly the achievements of any individuals especially when they have common surnames such as Jones, Smith, Evans etc.

Even with historical enquiries the college has to comply with relevant data protection legislation and reserves the right to restrict information that is supplied.

Any information supplied is for personal or private research uses only and should not be passed on or transmitted to any third party without the prior written consent from the college.

Ellesmere College should be acknowledged as the source of any information supplied.