Business Consultancy and Support

Saxon Park Services Limited

We provide a bespoke service to businesses at all stages of development, so whether you are just thinking of starting a business , have been trading a few years or considering development of your profile we can offer personal facilitated support to individuals, groups, teams, board level directors. Our Associate Team have specialist skills, knowledge and experience in areas of business which can help you have an unbiased review and give support in putting your plans into action. New technologies are arriving daily and we can help you see what is 'required' by your business to maximise this. Online and offline marketing, social media requirements, website hosting and design, digital marketing, PR and systems are just some areas we can support you with. We do not sell you products - we work with YOU to provide what YOU need.


As a Business Owner, how much time do you take to work ON the business? Time to reflect on how it's going? Your business deserves you taking quality time out to ensure you are focused on the right things in the business at the right time.

All too often we, as business owners, stay working IN the business and miss key opportunities to learn from others and all too easily can affect our success and growth of the business.

At YourTime2 we have other likeminded business owners from very diverse businesses and backgrounds who come together once a month. They take this quality time out to raise and discuss key issues for which either guidance, mutual support and solutions can be found.

This is like having 8 business coaches in one room, here to support, guide and help you find solutions but in a supportive and confidential boardroom session.