Choose Your Subjects

At Ellesmere College we believe it is not enough just to make sure that our students are successful at passing exams - important though this is - but that they also get the best of all that a British education can offer. We aim to provide subjects which appeal to all of our students' interests and academic strengths, while keeping class sizes small.

English Intensive Language Development (Age 15+ School Year 11)

We offer students with limited English an intensive one year English Language Programme. Leading to a GCSE or IGCSE in English, Maths and Science. Other subjects will be studied but not to examination level, such as Introduction to Economics, Introduction to Geography - and these will further support the development of academic English skills.

GCSE (Age 14-16 School Years 10-11)

Students study a maximum of 10 subjects at GCSE Level, spread over two years. English, Mathematics and Science are compulsory.

Pre Sixth Course (Age 15+ School Year 11)

This course is designed for those with a good level of English, as students will join mainstream classes and study alongside native English speakers for most subjects. The course includes English, Maths, Science, and Economics as a separate one year course. There is the opportunity to continue either French, Spanish, or German if the student is already competent in these languages.

A-Levels (Age 16+ Years 12-13)

A-Levels have been the basis of assessment for University entrance in the UK. Students will choose 3 to 4 A-Levels. Those from outside the EU will do 3 A-Levels plus the English qualification, IELTS - which is required for university entrance.

International Baccalaureate (Age 16-18 Years 12-13)

The IB course is also another way into British universities and is also helpful if students are hoping to study overseas. It offers a broader programme of study than A-Levels. Students will take six subjects - three at a standard level and three at a higher level.