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Sixth Form Ball Letter 2017


Sixth Form Ball 2017


Lower School Newsletter


Year 11 Prom


UCAS Letter


Carmina Burana - SOLD OUT


Lower School Newsletter - 17.3.17


Labels (In association with Arts Alive)


Year 10 Parents' Meeting


Talbot House Dinner


Easter Courses


Belize Expedition - July 2019


Easter Rugby Camp


The New GCSE Grading 9-1 Explained


Lower School Newsletter - 10.3.17


Private Golf Lessons


Fencing Coaching


Meynell House Formal Dinner


Lower School Newsletter - 3.3.17


ECPS - Creative Floral Design Workshop


St Oswald's Phone Number


Hire of Novelty Vehicles and Limousines


Upper Sixth Form Letter to Parents


Year 13 Parents' Meeting


Carmina Burana


Carmina Burana Poster


Lower School Newsletter - 09.02.17


Football Academy Launch Event


WWII Battlefields Trip


Golf Coaching - Summer 2017


Football Academy


Lower School Newsletter - 03.02.17


Tennis Centre


Lower School Newsletter - 27.01.17


Valentine's Ball


Half Term Holiday Courses


Lower School Newsletter - 20.01.17


St Patrick's Photograph


HPV Vaccine - Y8 - Letter to Parents


HPV Vaccine - Y8




Consent Form


Academic Enrichment


Academic Enrichment Calendar


Lower School Newsletter - 13.01.17


St Bede's Photograph


Year 9 Parents' Evening - Jan '17


St Aidan's Photograph


Talbot House Photograph


ESB, LAMDA and Spoken English


St Cuthbert's Photograph


Team Photographs


Woodard House Dinner


Sports Coach Information


Lion Quays Country Club - CORPORATE MEMBERSHIP


Insurance Schemes for Pupils and the Fees Refund Scheme


Wakeman-Lambart House Photographs


Year 10 Options


Year 9 Options


A Level and IB Options


St Oswald's House Photograph


Woodard House Photograph


St Luke's House Photograph


Sixth Form Photograph


Lower School Newsletter 02.12.16


Surf Snowdonia 2017


Letter to Y11 Parents


Monduli Raffle


Monduli Raffle Prizes


Changes to Rugby Fixtures on Sat 26th Nov


Choir CD Recording


Invitation to Carol Service (Talbot / Woodard)


Lower School Newsletter - 17.11.16


Birch Road reopened


Monduli Green Information


Monduli Green Raffle and Scholarship Request


Year 10 Science Competition


Lower School Newsletter - 04.11.16


Closure of Birch Road


Birch Road Roadworks


House Carol Service - Meynell and Wakeman-Lambart


Lower School Tea Towels


Full School Photograph


Sports Coaching Information


Lower Sixth Parents' Meeting


Lower School Newsletter - 14.10.16


Lower School Newsletter - 07.10.16


Ebblinghem Trip Years 7 and 8


Closure of Watergate Street - 10th October


Closure of Watergate Street - Map


Parent Mail 29.06.16


Kingswood Information Letter


Kingswood Packing List


Year 11 Parents' Meeting


Michaelmas Term Expeditions


MultiActive Holiday Courses


Lower School Newsletter - 23.09.16


Expedition Kit - Online Ordering


Expedition Kit - Online Ordering Guide


Cancellation of Rugby Fixture


Spotlight on Sixth Form - Information Booklet


Spotlight on Sixth Form


ECPS Quiz and Curry Night


Changes to Assessment Grades - Assessment Policy


Changes to Assessment Grades


Year 11 Careers Conference


Parent Mail 16.09.16


Y9 - RS Exam Options


St Oswald's Piloxing Classes


Sons of Pitches Concert - 22nd October


Bowling Trip - Year 8


Private Golf Lessons


Harvest Festival Eucharist


Harvest Festival (Sep16)


St Patrick's House Outing - Y11


Lower School Newsletter


St Patrick's House Outing


Confirmation Service - 7th May 2017




Year 7 - Religious Studies (Parents' Information)


St Oswald's House Outing


Private Cricket Coaching


Kingswood Visit - Payment Request


St Aiden's House Outing


Trip to Iceland - Easter 2017


St Cuthbert's House Outing


Fencing Coaching


Private Golf Lessons


Gold DofE Information


ECPS Curry and Quiz Night


Changes to Parents' Portal


Mouthguard Orders


Insurances - Letter to all New Parents


Insurance Schemes for Pupils and Fees Refund Scheme 2016-17


Insurances - Letter to all Current Parents


Letter From The Custos


Fees List 2016/17


ISI Inspection - Letter from the Headmaster


ISI Inspection Report


ISI Inspection - Action Plan


Insurances and Fees Protection - Sep 15


Parent Mail 16.09.16


Pantomime Trip


Christmas Courses


HPV Gardasail Vaccine

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