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Lower School is a stimulating environment where children thrive, work hard and play together
A rich and vibrant cultural life promoted by our Arena Arts programme is essential to the spiritual and creative health of our community

'Outstanding Excellence & Quality of Sports Provision' - Education Business Award Winner 2016 

85% of students achieve their first choice place in a wide spectrum of courses and Universities

Bursaries and Scholarships build on the philanthropy of the past - Securing an education for the future

The new indoor tennis centre opens this summer and will provide every opportunity to increase players training and practise time on high performance courts.

Welcome to Ellesmere College

You are looking for a school which reflects your beliefs and values.

Academic success at Ellesmere College is doing the very best you can.

We take pride in the achievements of each and every student according to his or her abilities, not just in the achievements of the brightest and the best. Ellesmere is people centred, not stats obsessed. We focus on the individual, not on our shop window.

Everyone is valued equally. If a student is outstandingly good at something, that does not make them better than anyone else. Ellesmere College takes academic achievement very seriously, as well as the arts, music, drama and sport - we work hard to maintain a balance.

We like students with lots of interests and enthusiasm. Ellesmere College is not a school for narrow specialists. We like students who love to have a go at new things. Ellesmere is not a school for people who hold back.

We relish the rich range of personalities we have here. There is no such person as a typical Ellesmerian. Ellesmere is famously forward looking and innovative. You'll never catch this school clinging to tradition for its own sake or resting on its laurels.